Investing So Much Hours In The Road In This Country Is Killing! – SEEK FOR MORE!

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I got in a few minutes chat with one of my uncles yesterday; he said something that I would love to share with you. He said “Investing so much hours in the road in this country is killing, one needs to get out and invest same hours and see what you’ve got”

He later added “20$ for 14 hours is less than 2 hours job in the real countries, not this state called Nigeria”

He actually updated his status, expressing how bad he felt spending 14 hours of his precious time on a work that doesn’t seem to worth it.

You see, except for the fortunate few, all of us need an income. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and cash needs to be flowing. Many of us also want to find fulfillment in our jobs; dream careers and high ambitions are things many women hold, but sometimes finding that perfect position takes time.

Even if you luckily have a good job, ‘never limit yourself to where you are been limited. There is always MORE.

Your Job is great, your salary is fantastic.⁣


I said but…

Anytime you start having the feeling that you deserve more, then seek for more.⁣⁣

Yes, you definitely deserve better. Don’t let anyone make you feel you’re greedy for wanting more…⁣

People want more from their work. They want to be able to meet some at least of their other needs: for good social contact, for a sense of achievement, a feeling they’re doing something worthwhile, the sense of belonging to an organization they can feel proud of — even a sense of self-worth and meaning in life.

It’s a sad fact many people find themselves disappointed in this side of their working lives. Maybe they began a job with high hopes, but now feel let down. Perhaps the work hasn’t lived up to the promises they were made during the recruitment process. Maybe there’s been a change in management and the new style of doing things no longer provides the pleasure they used to get before…

If you happen to fall in this category, please, take my kobo advice – SEEK FOR MORE!

I repeat, don’t let anyone make you feel you’re greedy for wanting more.

At some point in your life, you feel you deserve more than what you’re getting, that’s a piece of evidence that you deserve more. When you constantly hear the voice in your head to go for more, don’t hesitate to go for more.

If you sense that investing so much hours in the road is killing, if you are not that much comfortable in the road, if you think you want more, please, SEEK FOR MORE!

This life is just too short. If you’re not happy with your current job, go look for another that can make you happy.⁣

If you’re not happy with your current salary and you feel you deserve more, apply for a salary increase. If you think you deserve more freedom, start negotiating for it.⁣

Start negotiating what you want in life. Don’t just sit and assume everything will be okay someday. This is Nigeria; things don’t just happen by magic. You’ve got to strive hard and smart.⁣


Bitter fact: You’ll remain in that unhappy situation till death and nothing will change in your life, if you refuse to seek more.


I wIll quickly wrap this article up with Germany Kent talk, Seven Ways To Get Ahead in Life:
1. Be forward thinking
2. Be inventive, and daring
3. Do the right thing
4. Be honest and straight forward
5. Be willing to change, to learn, to grow
6. Work hard and be yourself
7. Lead by example”

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