Diploma in Mini Importation

You have been searching Google and business forums for businesses you can do with little startup capital and scale up a huge returns. You have probably heard about the mini importation, but you are not getting the whole concept, confused about where to start from and other problems. You might have made the mistake of importing without even learning how to sell your products, and these products are with you at home with no one showing interest in them at all.
Listen you did not learn properly before starting out. Mini importation is more than just going online to search on Google ” how to do the mini importation business”
You can actually do that but the question remains who is teaching you??
Is he just a blogger or a real importer? Be wise!
In this course, you’ll learn how to start a profitable mini importation business in Nigeria.
Ably academy will hold you by hands and walk you through a step by step tutorial course on how to start your own personal importation business as this course is aimed to make you become a professional Importer in a few days, in what took me over 7 years.

What you’ll learn

✓ How to import any product from China successfully

✓ How to make large profits with small investment

✓ How to buy goods for your online shop or physical shop at amazing profit levels

✓ How to avoid costly mistakes and learn to source with confidence.

✓ Take sourcing to the next level and discover how to save time with efficient data management.

✓ Most importantly you’ll also learn how to ship your products from China to Nigeria within 24 to 72 hours at a relatively cheap price.

✓ How to master the world-wide used rules for Imports and Exports to improve profits, minimize risks and expand opportunities.

✓ How to sell your products for free on popular store like Jumia, Konga, Payporte and the likes

✓ How to master domestic delivery of your products to your customers

✓ Master the act of marketing and advertising your products like a guru

✓ How to make your customer a returning and loyal customer to your futures products

✓ Learn what steps you need to take before contacting suppliers.

✓ Learn the best ways to calculate shipping costs and all other customs and duties to get accurate landing prices for delivery to your warehouse/fulfillment center.

4 week course
Every weekend




✓ Opportunity to be your own boss

✓ Opportunity to increase your earning after the training

✓ Certificate for all students

✓100% practical class

✓ Experienced and competent facilitator

Dive into the courses and tutorials below from experts with real-world importation experience and learn the latest principles and techniques today!

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